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May Luck Be A Lady

by | 14th, April 2004

‘MARION Richardson knew she was coming into money when she was knitting.

February is the cruellest month

The Sun says that the supergran felt her hand itch, and, as any old wife will confirm, if your right palm itches, you’re coming into money.

It might also mean you’ve got ringworm or picked up an infection of a sort which in the more advanced years can be nasty or even fatal.

So best to get any itching checked out before you buy a lottery ticket.

But some people are just born lucky. And the Mail has the proof, thanks to a survey by one Professor Richard Wiseman.

The psychologist from the University of Hertfordshire surveyed 40,000 Britons via the Internet to see how lucky they considered themselves to be.

And he put the findings in a neat graph, which shows that those born in May believe they are the luckiest of them all, while those born in October should not walk under any ladders.

But why should this be? Prof Wiseman has an idea.

‘The environmental factors around the birth period, like exposure to sunshine and temperature, could all influence the body’s biological systems extending into adulthood,’ he says.

The Mail supports Wiseman’s theory with some celebrity birthdays, reminding us that John Lennon, who was so unlucky he was murdered, was born in October, while lucky Jordan was born on May 22.

And by way of interest, the paper also notes that Vanessa Feltz was born in February, a very grim month indeed…’

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