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One Lion On Her Chest

by | 14th, April 2004

‘WELL done to the Times’ Martin Samuel for coming up with the perfect sporting solution to the Beckhams’ trouble and strife: let her sing England’s song for Euro 2004.

The Beckhams say they are closer than ever

We wholeheartedly agree, and cannot help give a wry smile at the idea of each of Day-vid’s incoming text messages being heralded by a downloaded ringtone version of One Lion On My Chest.

But while we wait for that, and for Blazin’ Squad to fall on their swords, the Mail’s spotlight falls upon Real Madrid’s training ground.

When the so-called galacticos (mostly so-called by papers like the Mail when things were going well in Madrid) arrived for training yesterday, they were in for shock.

The fans, who usually scream the players’ names and cheer on their every touch, unfurled a large banner.


Given David Beckham’s grasp of the Spanish idiom, the message would, most likely, not have affected him that much. He probably took it with a smile and blew a kiss to the adoring crowd, as he believed the message asked him to do.

But to help him more fully understand, the Mail gets out its dictionary and translates. It now reads: FOR YOU WHORES AND MONEY. FOR US, INDIGNATION AND REPRESSION.”

Chances are quite high that David is still not that sure as to the meaning of those words, especially the second part, so we will put it in simple terms: WE ARE UNHAPPY.

The Madrid fans are under the moon and as sick as English parrots after a night out on the tiles in Benidorm.

But sport has so much more to offer us than just David Beckham. No, really it does. It has Manchester United.

And the news is that not only is the Old Trafford outfit closing in on second spot in the Premiership thanks to a win over Leicester last night and Chelsea’s failures, but that Roy Keane, the team’s captain, is making a return to the international fold.

The Express says that the man who said he never would play for Ireland again is making himself available for the Republic’s World Cup qualifying campaign.

And the Irish had best win all those games or else Roy will not be pleased. Hey, he may even walk off and vow never to play for the team…again.’

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