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by | 15th, April 2004

‘“REVEALED,” says the Mail. “The real reason you can’t find your car keys.”

The Queen was taking no chances with the French traffic police

Not the pretend reason, note, or the fanciful reason, but the real reason. And since we love reality so very much, we read on.

The real reason, at least the one Professor Rene Marois comes up with, is that our short-term memory is very small.

“We found that the upper limit for visual short-term memory is just four objects, says Marois, whose team researched the matter.

“So if you come in and put your keys down with a load of shopping on a crowded work table or worktop, then you could find yourself immediately having problems remembering where you put them.”

The remedy is so sit down, roll a large joint, sip on an alcopop and try to think.

Or try only ever to buy three things, spending less time thinking about who played in the last World Cup and more time throwing out the entire contents of your unruly home.

But the good professor may well be wrong in whatever it was he was banging on about.

It might just be that you left your car keys in France, along with your car, driving licence and a large quantity of euros.

The Mail says that police in Calais have targeted British divers whom they claim have become an increasing menace on the A26 south of the shopping haven.

Just over the Easter weekend, of the 126 cars pulled over by the French cops, 113 were from the UK, and 110 of those were pulled over for speeding.

And seven of that number had their cars impounded and were arrested, bailed and ordered to appear in court later this month.

The rest of us probably left out keys in David Beckham’s hotel room…’

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