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The Hair Apparent

by | 15th, April 2004

‘WHO will replace the King and Queen when they are no more?

A snip off the old locks

The obvious place to look is within the Beckham gene pool. And that means seeing what the likes of David’s sister is up to these days.

‘Joanne’s ambitious and talented,’ says a friend of the 22-year-old Beckham. ‘This is her first step up the career ladder.’

And it’s a step that’s taken her into the salon of a north London hairdresser’s, where Joanne is training to follow her mother Sandra and become mistress of the tonsorial arts.

‘Little surprise that one of her brother David’s favourite pastimes is having his hair cut,’ says the magazine.

Indeed, what with two hairdressers in the family, it’s a wonder he does anything other than have his hair cut.

But he’ll have to make an appointment like anyone else when Joanne achieves her ambition and opens up her own salon.

If she does cut her brother’s locks, then, in Hello!’s opinion, Joanne’s future is guaranteed. She’ll be like one of the ‘lucky ones’, Andre Phelan, who gave Dave his Mohican in 2002.

Andre is now one of then most famous people in his own household. It cannot be too long before Joanne can say the same…’

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