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by | 15th, April 2004

‘GIVEN that Sky are reported to have paid £150,000 for tonight’s interview with Rebecca Loos, they are obviously expecting quite a few of us to tune in to see what David Beckham’s former PA and alleged lover has to say.

What David did

Anyone who has read the papers for the past two weeks might imagine that there is nothing else that could be said about what did or did not happen when Posh’s back was turned.

But Rebecca has been well-rehearsed and is keeping little titbits of information back, supposedly in case Beckham challenges her story in court but in reality to keep the public interested.

For instance, we now know that the England captain has a **** on his **** – and Becs is happy to fill in the blanks if she is ever called on to do so.

That won’t be tonight. Instead, expect a lot of hypocritical cant about how the poor little 26-year-old could no longer continue to live a lie, a lot of cooing over her married lover and a lot of rehashing of what we’ve already read.’

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