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by | 16th, April 2004

‘THERE is just no escape. Resistance is futile. The only thing to do is to sit tight and wait until Posh ‘n’ Becks are once again back flogging sunglasses and Marks & Sparks clothes and Rebecca Loos is old news.

‘It’s the two little princes I feel sorry for’

And it will end soon. The story of David Beckham’s alleged affair with his PA is taking on shades of the Princess Diana affair, and we know how that wound up.

The Mail’s pictures, taken from Loos’ TV interview, shows the woman who claims to have dallied with Becks demurely tilting her head to one side in the way once favoured by the dearly departed Princess.

But more than that is the Sun’s headline. “My Rock,” it shouts. Only this time the rock really is a rock and not some podgy little butler – a million pounds worth of pink diamond that David is to give his wife on her 30th birthday.

And just like Di, who warned of impending doom in a recording, the Sun says that Posh knew what was heading her way and laid it down on tape.

Since no-one bought the record, the Sun tells us that Posh recorded a rap song entitled ‘The Dude’ at the time David went to Madrid and Loos was hired as his assistant.

On the tape, Posh sings about a love rival who’s from a ”good background” and enjoys “good sex”, while Posh has “been alone” and “been misunderstood”.

It goes on: “You’ve got a man and his boys are strictly off limits. If they make noise, your style will be diminished.”

That’s a rhyme, of sorts, and here’s another one: “Don’t mess with that dude because he’s already taken. I don’t give a damn what plans you are making.”

And there’s this one: “Even if the player says he’s planning on shaking, the bottom line is he’s still taken.”

This rap is explosive stuff and explains much – chiefly, why the record was never released and why Posh has not enjoyed the No.1 hit she so ardently craves.’

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