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Pulling A Tractor

by | 16th, April 2004

‘“HAS this man got the most ridiculous hobby in Britain?” asks the Mirror of a certain Scott Chester.

‘Why Becks didn’t stick to tractors is beyond me’

Our initial reaction is to say “no”. There are far more ridiculous hobbies than Mr Chester’s, such as the Mirror editor’s habit of tracking a former Spice Girl’s every move.

But middle-aged men are a funny lot, whether they are producing a newspaper or, as Mr Chester is doing, travelling the country looking for tractors to pose with.

The 42-year-old, who is unsurprisingly unmarried, has in the past six months built up what the Mirror calls an “amazing” album featuring himself and around 250 different models.

The 2001 John Deere 6310 is the Kate Moss, while the spindly 1969 Massey Ferguson is every inch a Twiggy.

The only true oddity is that Chester is not naked in the photos or acting out some onanistic fantasy with the controls.

He is fully clothed, dressed in a sensible red parka with his trouser bottoms tucked reassuringly into his socks.

But different strokes do please different folks, and what Chester calls his “labour of love” has attracted interest from other tractor enthusiasts.

“I’ve already had an offer from another fan to buy my album,” confesses Chester. “But by the time I’ve finished I’ll have one of the best collections in the country.”

He may then choose to exchange the shots with others like him, perhaps over the Internet. Which if it is not illegal already, should be.’

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