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Garraway With Yer!

by | 16th, April 2004

‘HOW do you top the story of a man who poses with tractors?


To many that would be an unsolvable riddle, but to the Mirror’s staff, it’s a breeze.

They have scooped the story that no-one else got close to, and on Page 3 readers are treated to the sight of GMTV presenter Kate Garraway walking hand-in-hand with her new man, Matt Nasir.

But the paper is not one to sit on its hands, and it stands on the doorstep of Kate and Matt’s new home to ask her just what on earth is going on.

“We enjoy doing stuff together,” says Kate. “We’ve had fun.”

The mind boggles at what Kate means by that, but rest assured the Mirror will find out what she means by ”fun” and what passes for “stuff” in her love nest.

And the sensations keep on coming in a story that’s splashed over an entire full-colour page.

Over where three smaller photographs sit aside the main shot of the pair walking, the paper delivers the full weight of its scoop.

“STEP UP,” says the caption on picture one. “Kate can’t wait to get into house.”

“LOADED,” screams picture two. “Removal van with garden seats.”

“POTTY ABOUT HER,” says the legend below picture three. “Matt carries urn.”

That should read “Matt carries two urns”, but what with the excitement of it all, we can forgive the Mirror that small oversight.’

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