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Going For Gold

by | 16th, April 2004

‘ALONG with the rest of the world, we are very much looking forward to this summer’s Olympic Games in Athens.

‘Drop the flame or we’ll shoot!’

We are hopeful that the British team will excel at such traditional events such as Hod-Carrying, Scaffolding, Bricklaying etc.

But the news in the Times is that the Greeks are trying to stop our team even entering one event – the Shoot A Terrorist competition.

The Greek government has apparently insisted that it will be the only team taking part in this particular discipline and is refusing to allow any armed foreign police on its territory.

The United States, Israel and other countries all want to enter teams for the event because they think they might be a bit better at it than the Greeks.

The Times says the Brits are one of seven countries that have been training the Greek counter-terrorist team, but so far the exercises have been “shambolic”.

On the brighter side, there is a limit to the physical damage any terrorist attack can cause as most of the Olympic venues look like bombsites anyway.’

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