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Time To Come Clean

by | 16th, April 2004

‘IF Jon Snow has never really recovered from his gruesome interview with Monica Lewinsky in the wake of the Clinton scandal, in which he asked her “Did he make you tingle?”, Kay Burley will surely one day look back on last night’s interview with Rebecca Loos and hang her head in shame.

Hard to swallow

Journalism frequently requires people to do things of which they are not proud in retrospect (or even at the time), but rarely is someone as publicly demeaned as the Sky presenter was in the hour-long face-to-face with David Beckham’s former PA and lover.

Loos at least got her 30 pieces of silver for her kiss-and-tell, even if she wasn’t honest enough to admit that that was her reason for speaking out.

But whatever Sky pay Burley cannot possibly be enough to persuade her ask such a series of prurient questions (accompanied with that leering and yellow-toothed smile) about Beckham’s sexual prowess.

It is hard to know what was the most nauseating part of a cringeworthy interview, but suffice it to say that we had to leave the room when she started asking Loos to fill in the blanks in the now infamous text messages.

This was just the most grotesque example of a form of confessional TV that Princess Diana started with her famous Panorama interview. It demeans the interviewer, the interviewed and the viewing public. Is it too much to wish that it will be the last?’

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