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Raspberry’s Ripples

by | 19th, April 2004

‘READERS of most of this morning’s papers are treated to pictures of a bikini-clad Kelly Brook splashing around in the surf on the set of her new film.

Surf’s up

This admittedly hardly constitutes news, but it is at least an altogether more pleasant sight than the Mail’s offering – a bikini-clad Geri Halliwell playing Frisbee with a dog.

A fellow sunseeker said the former Spice Girl was ”the picture of health and happiness”, although judging by the accompanying photo it might be said rather too much health and happiness.

Indeed, we recommend that Geri pick up a copy of this morning’s Mirror, where bibulous Royal correspondent James Whitaker reveals the diet secrets that helped him lose 40lb.

Ordinarily, we are firm believers that the less we see of Whitaker the better, which is why we are so happy to report that there is less to see of him than ever.

But we nervously await tomorrow’s instalment, in which the human raspberry talks us through the exercise plan that helped get his overweight body back into shape.

The prospect of seeing Whitaker in a pair shorts is too much even for those of the hardiest constitution.’

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