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Fitting The Mould

by | 19th, April 2004

‘BEHIND every stereotype is an element to truth.

‘Hurry up with that Gavin, Gavin’

Helping us to illustrate that point, OK! has helpfully solicited the DIY skills of Gavin Lowe and his lovely family.

For those of you not in the know, Gavin is a “hunky handyman” who nails, glues and even screw pieces of MDF and other flimsy materials together to make a TV programme called Big Strong Boys.

So, in the name of science, we’ll ask you to answer a few questions about Gavin and his delightful family, as revealed in this week’s OK!.


Gavin, who’s white, lives in:

A) an inner city estate

B) Northern Ireland

C) Surrey


Gavin has two small male children. Are they called:

A) Wayne and Gavin

B) Dante and Indigo

C) Charlie and Harry?


A photograph of Gavin‘s home shows what sitting on the dining room table:

A) a label declaring the table to be “100% Formica”

B) a naked Geisha covered in sushi

C) a pair of matching square candles standing on stone mats?

If you answered mostly As, then you’ve not been paying attention. People with children called Wayne only ever get on TV on socio-documentaries into alcoholism and truancy.

Mostly Bs. TV rules dictate that the only time anything Northern Irish occupies the media is when a part of it has been blown to smithereens. And as for the Geisha, note that no-one is allowed to steal the star’s limelight.

Mostly CS. Well done. Gavin lives in Surrey, has two boys with the right names and a wife who sticks candles on top of things.

Next week, Lisa Riley…’

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