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Krista Beau

by | 19th, April 2004

‘LET it be said – there are no bigger fans of Ben Affleck than the people here in Anorak Towers.

Wooden Allen

Indeed, whenever we are feeling in need of a good laugh, it is always to Ben we turn.

Even the sourest puss in the office cannot keep a straight face as we watch Ben ham it up in Pearl Harbor (“Not anxious to die, sir – anxious to matter”), Gigli (“Gobble, gobble”) or one of his other masterpieces.

We have even invited the 31-year-old actor to drop in when he’s next in this country and maybe give us an acting masterclass.

But for the moment we hear Ben is busy gambling his money away in Las Vegas and being used by Baywatch babe Krista Allen to get back at George Clooney.

A friend of 32-year-old Krista tells the Enquirer that Ben is not the guy for her, but says that she wants Clooney to get so jealous that he begs her to marry him.

A source explains: “She wants George to get the message: Great guys love me.”

And Ben Affleck as well…’

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