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The Spanish Armada

by | 20th, April 2004

‘SIR Francis Drake may have repelled the Spanish Armada more than 400 years ago, but he didn’t manage to stop all Iberian influence from reaching these shores.

Because bluebells have feelings too

And like the floral equivalent of an Al Qaeda sleeper cell, the Spanish bluebell (which arrived on this island more than 300 years ago) has just been activated.

According to the Mail, the Spanish bluebell (a pale imitation of the indigenous flower) has suddenly taken hold in the wild and is spreading across the woodland.

Within a decade, experts warn, the British bluebell will be no more as its scentless Spanish cousin takes over.

Like a waiter in Torremolinos, the Spanish flower is apparently cross-breeding with the British to produce a hybrid plant that is hardier than the fragile British bluebell.

And the Plantlife charity is urging British gardeners always to buy genuine British flowers and never to plant or dump Spanish (or hybrid) bulbs in the wild.

But why stop there? Let’s take the fight back to the Spanish by packing a suitcase full of good old British bulbs to throw around on our next trip to Benidorm…’

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