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Foetal Position

by | 20th, April 2004

‘TV people like nothing better than breaking taboos.

In my womb

We’ve had gay kisses on Coronation Street, incest on Brookside and open and frank mid-morning discussions about anything from bestiality to Hoover abuse.

But no real taboos have been shattered.

The desperate scramble for viewing figures has simply meant that TV executives have just started showing things we never used to see on the box.

Now anything goes so long as it gets watched. And what ER started with its gory close-ups of human insides, Julia Black seeks to move on a little with her show, My Foetus.

Prepare to wince now because Julia is on mission to break down one more so-called taboo. She filmed an abortion, and then with what one imagines to be minimal effort, got Channel 4 to broadcast it.

Even better is the news that Julia has had an abortion and is now pregnant, so affording her a unique right to shove her camera up some woman.

The resulting film is indeed unsettling, but not because we are “pro-choice” or believe in “the right to life”, but because most of us haven’t seen an aborted foetus before.

Just as most of us have never seen Julia’s navel.’

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