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by | 21st, April 2004

‘TONY Blair may yet win the day and we the people may yet vote in favour of Britain’s acceptance of the European constitution.

‘Q1: Fill in the blanks: ‘******* your ****, feeling you **** deep down my ******.’

Such is the high level of voter apathy that, should those 319 Labour MPs vote in support of the Government, the verdict could be landslide victory for Tony’s ‘Yes’ campaign.

However, it could all go horribly wrong for Tony if voting were made easier, especially if voters were able to cast votes online.

And do not think it will not happen. The Internet revolution is gathering pace, affecting all aspects of our lives.

And today the Guardian reports that it might now bring about the end of the pen and ink exam.

The phrase ‘You may turn over your paper now’ could be a thing of the past should the head of the Government’s exam regulator, Ken Boston, prove to be right.

‘On-screen assessment will shortly touch the life of every learner in this country,’ he told a London conference into such matters.

‘The well-worn rhythms of the school year, which have existed for decades, would be challenged by assessment on demand.’

What this means is that you can take your GSCE in Beckham Studies when you are ready and not when someone else says so…’

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