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Howard’s Way

by | 21st, April 2004

‘AS if being prime minister of Australia was not curse enough, John Howard has had a spell put on him by an Aboriginal woman after he decided to disband the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission – an elected body that helps Aborigines.

Howard claimed that the commission had become obsessed with symbolic issues, rather than delivering basic services to communities in need.

However, while he was on a visit to the country town of Colac, Victoria, an Aboriginal woman, clad in a possum skin with traditional tribal make-up, pointed a one-inch bone at him and cursed him.

Geoff Clark, suspended chairman of ATSIC, said the curse was a warning to Mr Howard to listen to the Aboriginal community.

‘This curse could go two ways. It could enlighten him and lift a mental block that Mr Howard has about indigenous Australians,’ he said.

Or perhaps not.’

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