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Trash Or Tramp?

by | 22nd, April 2004

‘WE couldn’t let a whole day go by without mentioning Rebecca Loos, the woman who is currently trying to build a career on the back of the fact that she slept with a footballer.

Trash or Tramp?

Today’s debate centres on whether the 26-year-old is ‘tramp’ or ‘trash’ – a debate started by Uma Thurman at the Kill Bill: Vol 2 premiere.

After hearing of Rebecca Loos and her claim to fame, Uma gave her verdict.

‘I’m not sure whether she’s trash or tramp,’ she said. ‘I’d say tramp, though. She can’t get enough PR.’

The Mirror explains the difference.

‘Publicity-loving tramps may not hold the moral high ground when it comes to their private lives or their careers,’ it says, ‘but, like Rebecca, you have to admit they carry it off with a certain panache.

‘Trashy stars, on the other hand, like Becks’ other supposed lover Sarah Marbeck, are the poor man’s version of their stylish counterparts.’

As a £300-an-hour escort, Sarah Marbeck was the poor man’s version of nothing.

But to illustrate the point, the paper suggests that Jordan, Rachel Hunter, Britney Spears are tramps, while Jodie Marsh, Penny Lancaster and Christina Aguilera are trash.

You get the picture? Now, it’s time to join in at home.

We’ll start you with a couple of easy ones – Princess Diana and Camilla Parker Bowles, Ann Widdecombe and Virginia Bottomley…’

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