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Broken Theory

by | 22nd, April 2004

‘PUPILS at a Canadian high school are up in arms after the principal ordered them to cut a lesbian kiss out of the play.

Students at Handsworth Secondary say that axing the scene amounts to censorship and will encourage homophobia.

“The people who have the issue with it are fighting an already lost battle because being gay is OK. And it’s shown publicly that it’s OK, and you can’t stop it,’ says co-author Susan Rezai.

‘Stopping children from seeing a one-second kiss is not going to make homophobia go away. It’s just going to add to it.’

The school principal had told the drama teacher to take the scene out of the play Broken Theory after complaints from parents.

North Vancouver School Board chair Ginny Diebolt explained: ‘High school plays must have a broad appeal to a broad range in the community.

‘And I think there is an expectation in our community that if you go to a high school play that it is suitable for a broad range in the community.”

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