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The Joyce Of Sex

by | 23rd, April 2004

‘PARDON Richard Desmond’s German and pardon our French but the paper’s are chock full of swearing today.

Ulysses is now available in text message format

But things have always been so, and the Guardian says that what’s good for us was good enough for James Joyce.

What the Guardian calls a “pulsating gusset-ripper” of a letter from the Irish writer to his lover Nora Barnacle has been discovered.

Written on December 1, 1909, the forerunner to the David Beckham text message, the missive will be auctioned at Sotheby’s where it is expected to go for around £60,000.

If Nora were around today, the letter would go for much more, especially if she could read it while wearing a ripped bodice in The News Of The World.

But to the letter itself, and that sensation. Sadly, we cannot reveal the details therein since the Guardian falls short of relating them to us.

But we do know that the letter was in response to a sexually explicit note that Nora wrote to Joyce in which she said how she longed to be “fucked” by him.

Or “fucked”, as they say in Germany…’

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