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by | 23rd, April 2004

‘“THE fears we have in other people are often a manifestation of our own anxieties about ourselves.”

Like, just say no

We read that somewhere in Hollywood once and, at the time, the pop psychology made enough sense to get its own chat show, a book deal and a bumper sticker.

The line is not without it merits, especially when we learn that Jennifer Aniston’s concerns over her own marriage could be linked to her own behaviour.

The Enquirer says that Aniston has been accused of “corrupting America’s teens” by pressurising them to have cosmetic surgery, wear pastel-colours and say things like “like, yer know”, “hey you” and “ohmygod” for no apparent reason. In short, to be like her.

The furore centres on Rachel Green, the character Jennifer plays in Friends, a woman who has slept with around 20 men throughout the show’s history.

And many viewers are not happy with what they’ve seen. People, like, you know, Dr Gilda Carle, who is billed here as a “renowned relationships expert”.

“Young women are already in a lot of trouble from entering into sexual relationships too early and too easily, and Jennifer’s character has given them the green light to sleep around – and make it look cool too!” says Carle.

Which might just mean that, at the root of any alleged romance between Angelina Jolie and Jen’s husband Brad Pitt, there might be a video of Friends – The One With The X-Certificate.’

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