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Beware False Idols

by | 23rd, April 2004

‘IT’S interesting to think that without Rachel from Friends we might not have had Paris Hilton.

Love me, love my…

In the bright and distant days before Friends arrived on our TV screens, introducing all that corrupting casual sex and blasphemy, Paris would have been just another rich girl with a pointy face and no talent.

Now she is the emblem of American youth, what the millions of Britneys, Brads, Troys and Ambers aspire to.

Like Rachel, Paris has what seems to be an obsession with her appearance, has told the world about her sex life (and got the video to prove it) and is the daughter of a rich man.

And now she’s been seen by the Enquirer hosing down a huge pink truck outside Austin, Texas.

To Americans, this is interesting stuff. And it is a timely warning to us Brits of what happens when you watch too much TV.’

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