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Driving Madness

by | 26th, April 2004

‘SOMETHING even more incomprehensible than producing a shot of Michelle McManus in her swimmers can be found in the Sun.

‘He’s not eaten a thing since the accident, doctor’

There, readers are invited to read about Beverly Clare and her 15-year-old son Michael.

The words “Do Not Try This At Home” that often follow a TV moment in which a man has just nailed his eyelids to a race horse’s haunches were wasted on this pair.

They tried to replicate what they had seen on the hit TV show Jackass, which meant Beverly driving her hatchback car deliberately at her boy while his friend filmed it.

“I was going about 5mph and he jumped on the bonnet,” says Beverly. “People probably think I did 30mph but it’s a camera trick.”

Next week, Michael’s going to pretend to be like that nice Mr Hamza off the telly and saw his hand off. Under parental supervision, of course…’

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