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They Shop ‘Til We Drop

by | 26th, April 2004

‘CONGRATULATIONS to whichever advertising agency it is that has the account for the Sci-Fi channel!

Buy two turnips and get a free child

We at Anorak have always maintained that the ability to spell was vastly overrated.

In fact, we would go as far as saying that the slogan ‘Ally McWierd’ emblazoned across the advert in Hot Stars magazine for The New Twilight Zone is much more memorable than the prosaic, if correct, ‘Ally McWeird’.

But talking about prosaic, Hot Stars has its very own exclusive picture story of Charlize Theron shopping for fruit and veg in West Hollywood.

Not only that, but on the next page we can see exclusive pictures of Kelly Osbourne wheeling her trolley around a supermarket.

This is too much! Too exciting! We can’t take any more. Please, not a picture of Halle Berry, you guessed it, shopping…’

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