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Out With The Old

by | 28th, April 2004

‘WHEN you go on your summer holidays, can you try not to come back?

‘Last one to England’s a tourist’

You see, the Express is of the mind that Britain is in the grip of an ‘IMMIGRATION CRISIS’, and that means there is just no room for everyone.

Come on, be fair, you’ve had your chance to make a go of things, now it’s time to let others have theirs. You’ll learn to love Faliraki in the winter.

And no need to bother packing – the new arrivals will need your clothes and stuff.

You see, they’ll be arriving with just what fits by their feet and in the overhead lockers of the budget aircraft winging them over, while all you need is one half of a bikini.

And hurry up. The paper says that flights to London from the 10 new European Union member counties are already sold out, and many of the seats onboard the twice-daily Bratislava-to-UK bus service have also been filled…sometimes by gypsies.

These gypsies ‘say they can’t wait to arrive in [the] land of dole and benefits’, according to the headline in the Express.

And they are Slovakian gypsies like Martinf, his wife Monica and their children Martina and Garoslava.

They’ve been here before, but last time the family was forced to return home because daughter Garoslava fell homesick.

This time things will be different, since they’ll be living in your home and, if they do get sick, the NHS will tend to their every need.

Which is a neat fit, since the family will probably be working in the hospital anyhow…’

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