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Moshe Buller’s Day Off

by | 28th, April 2004

‘THE chances of David Beckham returning to Britain to play for a domestic football club recede with each new gypsy arrival.

A mistake

Beckingham Palace would make a lovely home for Martinf, Monica and their children, and it’s not exactly as if it’s being used that much, what with Dave in Madrid and Posh in denial.

Of course, some of us might miss seeing David around the place.

And if the video of him asleep at the National Portrait Gallery is not enough for you, then Moshe Buller can be hired to fill in the gaps in the footballer’s day.

The Star says that Moshe, who used to work for Mossad, the Israeli espionage organisation, was recently employed by Jackie Adams to spy on her son-in-law.

Posh’s mum used Moshe as a private detective to uncover the truth about what Day-vid got up to when her daughter was out of town.

He concluded: ‘Beckham is not the gigolo that Rebecca Loos wants us to believe. Beckham is not a bad man. He made a mistake with Rebecca Loos, but not as big a mistake as she’d have us believe.’

Whatever can he mean? Surely he’s not making some cheap and underhand remark about Day-vid’s manhood?

But we should not be surprised at these comments – such tawdriness is just one more thing Martinf and Monica will have to get used to if they want to be fully British.’

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