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Raising An Eyebrow

by | 28th, April 2004

‘BEFORE we go on, let’s just nip those rumours right in the bud. Like you, we’ve seen the picture of Lady Henrietta Palmer’s newborn son Alexander and put two and two together to make Colin Farrell.

Even the eyebrows look the same…

But our maths is wrong. The Irish actor, father to the lovely, delightful and most unusual James, has most likely never met Lady H, let alone gotten close enough to impregnate her.

Such suggestions as to her son’s parentage – whether fathered by feral Irish actor or baboon – seem to have occurred to the good Lady who is shown presenting her son to our awe-struck gaze and raising an incredulous eyebrow.

It’s as if she’s inviting us to say something. That raised eyebrow and the lofty position of her second born are daring us to say the unsayable.

So we won’t . We will demur and move on.

Instead, we’ll take a gander at her new house in South Africa. Like many houses in that country, it’s made of old Persil boxes and rubber tyres, albeit cunningly disguised to look like hard wood, chintz and brick.

We would like to ask her how she pulled off such a design masterstroke, but she’s lifted that eyebrow again, and, well, we don’t feel brave enough…’

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