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When In Rome…

by | 28th, April 2004

‘LADY Henrietta’s eyebrow is 42-years-old. For many, that would be an age to fear but to others with blue blood coursing through their veins it’s no big deal.

‘Sexiness comes from within’

Take Lady Helen Taylor, who reveals to Hello! her thoughts on turning 40 this year.

‘Age is relative,’ says she. ‘It depends on where you are in your life and if you’re content.’

It sure does. And if, like Lady Helen, you’re in Rome with money in your pocket and barely a day’s work under your belt, you can be as calm and serene as a stoned monk.

You also have time on your hands to tell Hello!, and thus the world, about the thoughts you’ve had while wandering the streets in a T-shirt and sunglasses.

And something else has just occurred to Lady Helen. ‘Sexiness,’ says she, ‘comes from within.’ Sure it does.

‘It’s not even about clothes. It’s a certain attitude. It’s not overt but smouldering – below the surface.’

You can almost feel the draft as other 40-year-old women put down their ironing and copy of Prozac Monthly to nod in silent accord.

And that draft turns into something of a gale with Lady Helen’s next thought.

‘It took a while to adjust to having three children,’ ponders Lady Helen. ‘You only have one pair of hands.’

As, of course, do the nanny, cleaner, gardener, driver, nurse and au pair.’

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