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Cives Romani Sunt Omnes

by | 29th, April 2004

”EGO tenuis sum, gratia Slimz-U-Like.’ Words that you will hear with increasing frequency when you visit Rome.

‘No, you can’t be a consul’

The Times reports that from next months the Italian authorities are to offer free Latin lessons for foreigners wanting to understand the inscriptions on all the old buildings.

The crash courses, which include an introduction to ancient Roman culture, are aimed particularly at the Americans, British and French.

Knowing the facility that certainly the first two groups mentioned have for languages, it is surely now only a matter of time before the forum is once again alive to the sounds of Cicero.

The Times attributes this sudden interest in Latin to the success of Mel Gibson’s flagellation flick, The Passion Of The Christ.

‘Even those of us who learnt some Latin at school have forgotten much of it,’ says Daniele Ciccaglioni, who runs one of the 15 bookshops in Rome that are taking part in the scheme.

Altogether now! Amo, amas, amat…’

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