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Bonapartes’ Waterloo

by | 29th, April 2004

‘IT is an accolade that is not given lightly, but Tim Gray, up until recently the head chef at Bonapartes in the Yorkshire town of Silsden, is this morning rejoicing in the knowledge that he is ‘the biggest twat in Britain’.

The Duke Of Beef Wellington

What, you ask, has Steve Penk left the country? Has Chris Moyles been set adrift in the North Sea, where he is now a major hazard to shipping?

Sadly not – according to the Guardian, Tim’s claim to the title, bestowed upon him by a friend, was to be publicly humiliated by Gordon Ramsay on TV on Tuesday night.

More than four million people tuned into the programme, in which Ramsay is supposed to provide provincial cooks with tips for success.

What they saw was an expletive-filled hour of television, in which 21-year-old Tim was denounced as an ‘idiot’ who could not even cook an egg.

His speciality dish of black pudding, scallops and hollandaise sauce was described as ‘minging’ by Ramsay, who said it made him feel physically sick.

Not a great advert for Tim’s talents or indeed for Bonapartes restaurant – the former has been sacked and the latter is now deserted.

But some people in Silsden sense a stitch-up.

Sarah, a waitress at Bonapartes, accused Channel 4 of manipulating the facts.

‘They portrayed Silsden as an unsophisticated northern town in the name of reality television,’ she said.

‘We are as sophisticated as people in London. This is an affluent, growing place and I think we all feel insulted.’

Everyone including Bob The Dog, the town mascot, whose antics we can now all follow thanks to the wonders of webcams…’

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