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Wanna Be In Our Gang?

by | 30th, April 2004

‘IN the European playground, it’s the size of your gang that counts – and the good news is that Britain’s gang will soon be the biggest of the lot.

Tuscany or bust

Tony Blair tells the Times that the 10 countries who are about to join the EU, most of whom are East Europeans, will automatically join his gang.

France and Germany will hang around with the likes of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, while there will be another gang led by Italy and including Ireland and the Scandinavians.

Of course, this is assuming Britain is still part of the EU – French president Jacques Chirac warned that we may have to leave if we fail to back the new constitution in a referendum.

But the most alarming fact about Mr Blair’s vision of a tripartite Europe is that, as things stand at present, we seem to be on our own.

For all the guff over so many years about being at the heart of Europe, using our influence to forge a union of nation states and wresting control from the Franco-German axis, it would seem we are as isolated as ever.

And the results of a poll on the front page of the Telegraph show why – most of us know little and care even less about the EU.

Only 36% of the country believes membership is a good thing, while more than half plan to vote against the new constitution in any referendum.

Which, as George Bush knows, is enough for Tony’s ‘Yes’ campaign to win the day…’

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