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Simon Says

by | 30th, April 2004

‘A KISS may be just a kiss, in the words of the song, and a smile may be just a smile, but put the two together and the result is dynamite.

‘You flirt, you!’

The pictures in this week’s Enquirer of TV’s Mr Nasty Simon Cowell kissing his fellow American Idol judge Paula Abdul may have been part of a skit.

But put them side by side with another picture of the couple smiling for the cameras, get one of Beverly Hills’ leading psychologists…and you’ve got a full-blown love affair.

‘Is it love?’ asks the magazine, noting that Cowell has changed his tune after pelting Paula with withering put-downs for the first two series of the hit show.

And on hand to answer that is Dr Lillian Glass, the Enquirer’s resident quack, who said Cowell’s earlier behaviour was just a way of hiding his true feelings.

‘He was like an adolescent young man,’ she says, ‘who, when attracted to a young lady, dips her pigtails in an inkwell.

‘However, this season he’s slowly becoming enamoured with Paula’s gentle and kind nature. You can see this when he looks at her and smiles, obviously charmed by her goodness.

‘He may be genuinely in love with her.’

Indeed. He might also have a tattoo of Randy Jackson on his backside – we just don’t know…’

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