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A New Low?

by | 4th, May 2004

‘IF pictures of Lesley Grantham in his boxer shorts were not upsetting enough, they’re as nothing compared with the pictures of British soldiers allegedly torturing Iraqi prisoners.

Piers Morgan takes his punishment after the photos are shown to be fakes

But are the pictures published by the Mirror real?

The paper this morning stands by its story that they are genuine shots of members of the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment.

But editor Piers Morgan knows that he will be joining Lesley Grantham in the dole queue if it turns out that the pictures are in fact as genuine as a GQ spread of Kate Winslet.

The Sun stops short of calling the photos fake, instead showing how easy it would have been to stage them.

But the Desmond papers – the Star and the Express – have no such qualms and claim that it is inevitable that British soldiers will now be killed in revenge attacks.

Certainly, the photos look staged – the presence of what appears to be a working rifle in the hands of a British soldier is, for instance, highly suspicious.

But the Express is not waiting for the official verdict – it accuses the Mirror of being completely irresponsible and resorting to all types of sensationalism to boost sales.

‘Its latest actions will endanger British lives both at home and broad,’ it says, ‘and represents a new low of recklessness.’

The old low was, of course, held by the Daily Express and its daily diet of stories about how immigrants were on their way over to Britain to eat our children.’

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