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Brahms And Liszt

by | 4th, May 2004

‘IT’S not a good day for EastEnders present or past, with Martine McCutcheon’s career seemingly also on a downward spiral.

‘Oops! I sheem to have losht my bra’

The Mail reports that the woman who boasted that she was ‘England’s answer to Jennifer Lopez’ has been dumped by her agent in the United States.

And the reason was not because she was homesick, as she claimed, but because she got drunk and offended Hollywood’s movers and shakers.

The paper says that Martine was so desperate at one point to get invited to some of the Oscar parties that she was crying down the phone to her agent.

Eventually, she got a pass to Sir Elton John’s party, where she apparently got drunk and – literally – bumped into the wrong people.

‘They thought she was being really loud and obnoxious,’ a source said.

‘It’s just not the done thing to go to those sorts of places and get drunk – but clearly Martine didn’t know it.’

Martine, however, claims she left Los Angeles because it was not what she expected.

‘People were shallow,’ she said. ‘They pretend they are interested in you and then they forget you.’

Anyway, who were we talking about again..?’

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