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Smoke Signals

by | 4th, May 2004


‘You’d never catch me posing topless…’

Once more we are reduced to the role of humble messenger, and only repeat the words on Kerry McFadden, who is still pulling no punches and mincing no words in her OK! diary.

McPadding is unhappy that Loos is parading around the place and even appearing as a celebrity (a word McPadding puts in inverted commas to emphasise her disgust).

As a true celebrity and not a ‘celebrity’ like that untalented Loos, McCladding can give us a unique perspective of how things are viewed from within the VIP lounge.

Kerry is of the opinion that Loos and Sara Marbeck should open a brothel and call it Kiss And Tell.

Although, they should take care that it’s not attached to a lap-dancing club or else a certain Bryan McPudding might be a visitor.

And they should also ensure that the venue allows smoking. If there is one thing Kerry cannot stand – apart from talentless trollops who sell anything about themselves for money – it’s not being able to smoke in pubs and clubs.

‘I can’t believe smoking is banned in public places in Ireland now,’ says Kerry. ‘It’s doing my head in.’

And it could be about to do in the heads in of those of us who live in Blighty because the situation has led Kerry to contemplate a move back home.

She is ‘literally’ on the verge of moving back to England. ‘I hate it and it’s enough to make me pack my bags.’

And we ours…’

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