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More Dirt On Den

by | 5th, May 2004

‘OH no, he didn’t! Oh yes, kids, he did. And dressed as Captain Hook as well.

‘Look what I’ve got for you, Tinkerbell!’

This morning, Leslie Grantham’s professional future is again said to be in jeopardy after he was unmasked by the Sun as a ‘panto perv’.

A 31-year-old mother-of-three claims that she watched as the 57-year-old actor pleasured himself in front of a webcam while dressed as the pantomime villain.

Indulging in sex play over the internet, slagging off his co-stars and using licence fee payers’ money to indulge his fantasies is one thing.

But bringing shame on the noblest British tradition of all – the pantomime – is quite another.

It’s like finding out that Widow Twanky’s husband died with an orange in his mouth, stockings on his legs and a belt round his neck.

The Sun faithfully records all the gory details, helpfully supplied by a woman who wants only to be known as Emily.

We hear how Grantham THRUST his manhood towards the camera lens he had attached to his laptop computer; HAD sex fantasies about animals; ASKED her to send him a worn pair of knickers; SWAMPED her with X-rated e-mails; and RUBBISHED the rest of the EastEnders cast as ‘brown-nosers’ and ‘back-stabbers’.

‘He usually did it in his dressing room while he was in panto,’ explains Emily, who had a three-year online relationship with the Dirty Den actor.

‘He would have just come off stage and get his willy out while still in costume. To be honest it was difficult not to laugh, but he took it all very seriously and was very theatrical.’

It does at least explain why Captain Hook wears his hook on his left hand…’

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