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Three Times A Lady

by | 5th, May 2004

‘WOMEN, if your husband starts acting a bit secretively this morning and you hear a lot of banging coming from the garage, you’re either married to Leslie Grantham or the old boy’s got a new DIY project.

And here’s one we made earlier…

But this is a DIY project with a difference as the Sun explains how readers can build their very own Page 3 girl.

As ever, the instructions are a bit vague, but the basic steps seem clear enough.

Saw the head off one of the six stunnas in today’s paper – Krystle, Corina, Nikkala, Ruth, Zoe and Michelle. Attach it to the boobs of another one of the stunnas and glue on the arse of a third.

As is the way with these things, you’ll probably find you have a nipple or two left over, which you can either throw away or keep as a spare.

A word of advice, gentlemen. If you’re planning to raise a family of mini-stunnas with this composite woman, choose the one with the curviest hips.

The Mail publishes research which claims that women with a narrow waist and big bust are significantly more fertile than others.

The science, such as it is, is too complicated to go into, except to say that women with curvy figures are up to three times as likely to get pregnant as other woman.

And it gives the paper a chance to publish a picture of a very scantily clad Kelly Brook…’

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