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No Moore

by | 6th, May 2004

‘WHAT the world must understand is that not all Americans are like George Bush.

‘It’s called Dumb And Dumberer’

Some can eat pretzels and think at the same time. And one of them is Michael Moore, the broadcaster, writer and filmmaker.

(In fact, Mr Moore looks like he could eat a whole bag of pretzels for every thought that pops into his brain.)

In his latest movie, the Guardian reports that Moore – winner of an Oscar for Bowling for Columbine, a look at American’s obsession with the gun [see Iraq] – exposes the links between the aforesaid Bush and prominent Saudis.

Fahrenheit 9/11 promises to cast light on the dealings between the Bush clan and those who control the world’s biggest oil reserves in Saudi Arabia, a country not a million miles from Iraq.

The Telegraph says the film looks at a flight that spirited members of the bin Laden family out of America in September 2001 and includes footage of American soldiers criticising their leader.

But the film might never be shown – Disney, which owns Miramax, the firm behind the movie, is blocking its distribution.

Moore’s agent, Ari Emanuel, says the reason for this is that Disney’s involvement could have a negative impact on tax breaks the corporation receives from the state of Florida.

And, yes, that is the same state where Jeb Bush, George’s brother, is governor.

Back in the Guardian, Moore is in thoughtful mood.

‘At some point, the question has to be asked, ‘Should this be happening in a free and open society where monied interests essentially call the shots regarding the information that the public is allowed to see?’

Once more the question calls for a simple answer, although whether it’s a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ depends on whether you’re called Bush or not.’

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