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Joey For President

by | 7th, May 2004

‘FOR some, the end of the world has already been and gone. While we in Blighty have to wait a little while longer, the Americans have already seen the final curtain.

We’re with stupid

Americans, the Guardian reports, have just witnessed the last episode of the TV series Friends.

Hang the war in Iraq, the wanton abuse of the locals and whether George Bush is sorry or not, what Americans really want to know is if any of the Friends cast will ever work again.

We would like to think not.

But while America chowed down on vats of artichoke dip and ginger ale (the recipe for a perfect Friends farewell, as dictated by the NBC website), plans for a second assault were being finalised.

In the same way that Cheers spawned Frasier (and George and Barbara Bush gave life to Dubya), America is to have a new spin-off feature – not as robust and potent as the first, but just as funny, although not always intentionally so.

The show’s retarded Joey character is to have his own series in which he leaves New York to further his acting career in Los Angeles.

And the hot news is that while’s he’s learning to act, he’ll be joined by David Schwimmer.

And when they have both honed their craft and are able to deliver a lie without blinking and an apology with meaning, they will be ready to move into that other world of fantasy: American politics.

Joey for the White House? Why not? It’s time to get the campaign started.’

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