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by | 10th, May 2004

‘GIVEN their pre-eminent position in British society, the official statement from Leslie Ash and Lee Chapman could never be long in the coming.

Nothing fishy about these two

Just as Posh ‘n’ Becks sought to draw a line under the stories of his alleged affairs with a statement (and in so doing lit them up in neon), the footballer and his actress wife have been forced to come out and put things on the record – officially.

“We are deeply upset and hurt by Debbie Ash’s interview with the Mail on Sunday,” read the statement, now reproduced by the Mirror.

“The claims she is making are simply not true. We cannot understand why she has made such claims; we can only presume that it is for financial gain.”

Knowing as we do that there is nothing more tawdry than doing anything more money, we fight our righteous disgust and turn to the Mail to find out just what Leslie’s sister Debbie, a former dancer with Hot Gossip, said.

“I fear for her life,” says Debbie of her sister. “Who knows what the next ‘accident’ will do to her? I have kept quiet because I thought it was up to her, but now I realises she is in deep denial about what is happening.”

Debbie is suggesting that the recent injuries to her sister’s person were not accidental, the product of rough sex as the couple claimed, but caused by an incidence of domestic violence.

So now, to defend her sister, brave Debbie has taken the supportive stop of telling a national newspaper all about it.

And what’s more, the Express kicks gypsies of its front page to tell the world how, in light of Debbie’s allegations of having seen Chapman hitting his wife about the head and face, the Metropolitan Police Domestic Violence Unit will now examine the case.

Along with Debbie’s claims, the Met will also study photos of Ash in which her mouth was horribly swollen to resemble that of a trout.’

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