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by | 10th, May 2004

‘ALL teenagers are, by virtue of the fact they are teenagers, annoying – so to be dubbed the most annoying teenager on the planet is an accolade indeed.

Why couldn’t he look at porn like any other teeanger?

But that is how the Daily Telegraph introduces Sven Jaschan, the 18-year-old German who the paper says has made the lives of Taiwanese postmen and millions of others around the world miserable by insinuating his Sasser worm into their computers.

The paper says Jaschan and his fellow computer geeks claim to be fighting on behalf of the rest of the world at what they see as the evil empire of Microsoft.

And at least one German website was trying to portray the 18-year-old as a hero for his blow against global capitalism, as opposed to the sad inadequate that he really is.

In fact, as the Telegraph reports, the real winners from the Sasser virus are the companies who make security software.

An irony that will probably be lost on Sven Jaschan.’

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