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Holy Neighbour From Hell

by | 10th, May 2004

‘EVER since Edwina Currie alerted the world to its inherent dangers, the egg has been a bomb waiting to explode.

Nine out of ten Newmars prefer a quiet life

Why throw a grenade when you can walk into any store from Chorleywood to Hollywood and buy an egg?

No licence? No problem. Eggs in packs of six, 12 or even entire trays of them can be purchased by anyone with the money and the will.

Julie Newmar was just one such shopper. One day, she or someone known to her walked into a store in the Brentwoood area of Los Angeles and bought an egg.

The woman, who shot to fame playing Catwoman in the cult 1960s TV show Batman, employed all her feline cunning to wait for the opportune moment to strike.

And when it came, she let rip.

“I’m not a violent person,” says Newmar, 70, in the Enquirer. “But Belushi wouldn’t listen to my complaints about the noise. I was so exasperated I was driven to throw the egg.”

Eggsasperated, eggcited or egged-on, Newmart’s aim was true, causing her egg to hit the side of Belushi’s house.

She was duly hauled before the Beak and forced to pay her actor neighbour $5,000 in damages, and then an extra $7,000 in costs.

As the magazine says, that “was quite a costly egg”.

But what was it that turned a mild-mannered, pensioned-off actress into an egg-throwing maniac?

The story goes that it was John Belushi’s behaviour that tipped Newmar over the edge. He moved into a property adjacent to Newmar’s and set about creating noise.

She says that he deliberately relocated all his pool pump motors right next to her property in a concerted plot to antagonise her.

He introduced an air-conditioning unit to his property, which was so loud that it prevented Newmar from sleeping. So he moved it – and then replaced the old one with two new larger units.

She claims he built a 15ft-high structure between their land, although he stopped short of attaching watch towers, checkpoints and searchlights.

That did not stop her complaining to the city council. In a letter, she wrote: “I live next door to a neighbour from hell… Please help me. I need some peace.”

But we fear that Julie Newmar may never know peace – not while there are eggs out there on brazen display at malls, stalls and grocery stores throughout the Hollywood hills.’

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