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Taking The Peas

by | 10th, May 2004

‘TO our knowledge, Ashton Kutcher has never been egged.

Kutcher and the woman formerly known as Mr Blobby

This is some surprise, given that the presenter of the TV show Punk’d is something of the Noel Edmonds of American entertainment.

And what’s more, he has never to our knowledge been punched in the face.

And this is luckier still because when his show pulled a stunt on the Black Eyed Peas, the band found the joke less than hilarious.

The jape began when the Peas were invited to a bash high in the Hollywood hills.

But when the band members, Taboo and arrived, they found themselves in the middle of what looked like a brothel with high-class hookers on tap.

Then the vice police arrived, tried to arrest the gang and things started going wrong.

One of stars’ entourage punched a ‘cop’ in the eye, forcing him to fly backwards into the swimming pool. Then another fake cop was attacked and he too ended up in the pool.

Now, the Enquirer tells us that at this point it’s customary for Kutcher to step out from his hiding place and tell his victim that it’s all been one huge joke.

But this time he was nowhere to be seen. According to his management, he was away on, er, location.

Of course, he might have been on location – in a grocery store buying up some eggs. But we hope not. America is a violent enough place, and Kutcher, being something of a role model, needs to set a good a good example.

First eggs, then Peas – the madness must stop.’

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