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by | 10th, May 2004

‘SOMETIMES what we are looking for is so close that we cannot see it – and perhaps that is true about OK!’s search for a new Posh & Becks.

‘I could eat Posh for breakfast and still ‘ave room for a kebab for afters’

Rather than trying to force the crown onto the reluctant heads of Danny Murphy and Joanna Taylor, the magazine should look elsewhere in its own magazine.

No, not at Jordan and Peter Andre or even Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas, but at Jade Goody and Jeff Brazier.

Jeff, after all, is a former Leyton Orient footballer and Jade is, er, a woman who has become famous for no apparent reason.

Jeff has, like Becks, also been the victim of a kiss-and-tell story in which a woman accused him of having a fling with her while Jade was pregnant – although, in Jeff’s case, it turned out not to be true.

They already have one child – Bobby, as opposed to Brooklyn – and another due in October.

And they are as hungry for publicity as Vanessa Feltz at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

In fact, everything seems perfect for the couple to inherit the mantle of the new Posh & Becks apart from one small detail – they split up hours after OK! went to press.

Or maybe that’s just a case of art imitating reality…’

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