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by | 11th, May 2004

‘THE picture looks horribly real. The Mirror, once more operating at the vanguard of photojournalism, is the only paper that dares to produce the shot.

‘Quick! Someone put a hood on her head!’

Those of a weak disposition and failing heart should look away now – even hearing about the sheer gut-wrenching awfulness of the Mirror’s Page 3 shot can turn your stomachs inside out.

Yes, folks, it’s Charlie Brooks, aka EastEnders’ murderess Janine Butcher…in her knickers.

The Mirror claims the picture, and the accompanying story about Brooks’ weight loss, was passed to it by an unnamed source at Closer magazine.

But we can take nothing at face value, not after the recent shots of those pictures apparently showing Iraqis being abused by British soldiers.

So we’ve taken them to an expert in a bid to ascertain their authenticity.

And yes, they ARE real. Charlie’s pink, wide-banded knickers ARE available in this country, possibly at a market stall.

Her camisole, vest-style top IS the genuine article. The high heels can be BOUGHT at any high street store. And the bedroom scene visible in reflected promise to Charlie’s right IS a real bedroom, with ACTUAL table lamp and bed.

Of course, the wonders of technology mean that the shot might be a fake.

Rumours already abound that Brooks IS an actress.

But we hope it’s not. Indeed, we pray. The Mirror has taken a bold step in publishing the shot, and should be applauded for it.

But if it proves to be a fake, we fear that other Page 3 models will be hurt, their livelihoods and careers put in danger by the arrival of a new occupying force on their patch.’

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