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Sick As A Dog

by | 11th, May 2004

‘THE BBC was right when it told us that everyone was talking about EastEnders – most are saying, ‘Isn’t it rubbish?’ and ‘It’s not been the same since Roly left’.

‘Upstairs newly renovated, sleeps three or four…’

But a few voices have been left struck dumb by recent events. There is little wrong with the show itself, at least nothing that decent scripts, better actors, sustainable plot lines and better entertainment cannot fix.

Indeed, it might be an idea to turn the cameras around, so to speak, and show us what goes on behind the scenes.

That way we’d see how much Dirty Den’s on-screen wife actress Tracy-Ann Oberman, who plays Chrissie Watts, dislikes performing love scenes with her fictional hubby.

It wasn’t always the case – the Sun says Tracy-Ann only started feeling ‘SICK’ after reports that Leslie Grantham exposed himself on a webcam.

We also get to hear from the actress’s close pal, as she says how ’embarrassed’ Oberman is about things and how she feels really left out because all the cast are blackballing Grantham and refusing to talk to him.

‘Since most of her scenes are with Grantham, it’s really hard for her. She feels lonely and hasn’t made many friends yet,’ says the unnamed source.

This sounds like the makings of an interesting episode, and one a darn sight more enthralling that seeing a rheumy-eyed Dot harping on about how worried she is for such-and-such and watching Jessie Wallace being upstaged and out-acted by one of her T-shirts.

It’s clear that some degree of editing, censorship if you will, is needed. Off-screen activity is fun to watch, but you can see too much.

While we like to ogle Abi Titmuss on Channel Slapper, the idea of seeing her former beau John Leslie re-enacting the pair’s home movies is too much to take, even if the audience is under the influence of Class A drugs.

Thankfully, Leslie has decided that even he has standards and, the Sun reports, has decided that his telly career looks even less promising than the Mirror’s shot of Charlie Brooks.

So he’s quitting the magic box and getting a new job. And you’ll never guess what line of business he’s going into. Or, perhaps, having seen his oily charm, sharp suits and smugness, you would.

Yes, that’s right, he’s moving into the property game – an environment where we’re sure he’ll feel right at home.’

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