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Logic Dictates…

by | 11th, May 2004

‘OUR beloved leader Tony Blair has told close associates that he will step down as Prime Minister if he becomes an electoral liability.

‘I said ‘lie ability”

A YouGov poll for the Mail On Sunday suggests that Labour would fail to win a parliamentary majority if Blair stays on, but would have a 77-seat lead under Gordon Brown.

Ergo, Blair stands aside, Brown takes over, the Tories are comprehensively routed again, the lame throw away their sticks and walk and everything is glad confident morning again.

That is the way it should work, but although (according to the Guardian) the first two statements are true, the PM is having trouble reconciling himself with the logical conclusion.

Indeed, the paper says Blair is privately confident that he remains an election winner and is convinced that he is more in tune with ordinary voters than a hostile media believes.

He also thinks he can walk on water, move mountains and solve the problems of Africa with nothing more than two loaves, five fishes and a roll of double-sided sticky tape.

But, the Guardian says, ‘if unforeseen events were to happen – personal or political – Mr Blair would back his chancellor’s claims as the man best qualified to inherit the mantle so long denied him’.

One such unforeseen event might be the news in the Times that support for Labour in a new opinion poll has fallen to a 17-year low.

The last time it polled as low 32% was early in 1987, just before Maggie Thatcher won her third term.

Altogether now, ‘Tony, Tony, Tony, Out, Out Out!”

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