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Too Posh To Wash

by | 11th, May 2004

‘IN the absence of too much in the way of news about the break-up of the British Empire or its owner’s scrapes with the law, what is there for the Telegraph to do?

‘I suppose there’s no chance of a soapy tit wank then…’

Well, it can shake its head and shrug its dandruff-specked shoulders at the foibles of the modern age.

And one of them is the news that a new generation of nurses is becoming “too posh to wash”.

That is not to say that said nurses are going days without a bath, but that they are drawing the line at washing their patients.

What is more, the Royal College Of Nursing’s annual conference was told, they’re not really into feeding patients, cleaning their mouths or providing much in the way of care at all.

Jeremy Bore, a general nurse at Exeter prison, said a significant minority of new generation nurses didn’t see providing holistic care as part of their remit.

“Washing people’s feet and backsides and keeping people’s mouths clean and fresh, these are tasks that are physically easy to carry out and learn.”

As is bringing the patient a copy of the Telegraph every morning…’

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