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It Won’t Wash

by | 12th, May 2004

‘ONE man, one vote. Democracy’s all very well, but some people just cannot be relied upon to exercise their choice in the right way.

‘Best performance on a webcam goes to…’

It is hardly a reassuring thought, for instance, that the same people who have just voted for Jessie Wallace as the Sexiest Woman In Soaps will be allowed the same say as you in next year’s General Election.

As things stand, the only people who are disqualified from electing MPs are the criminal and the insane – although it could easily be argued that voting for Jessie Wallace shows evidence of both.

Further evidence of the absurdity of the British Soap Awards came when EastEnders won the gong for best show despite the fact that of late it has been comfortably more boring than watching non-drying paint dry.

Even the actors, it seems, can’t be bothered with it – you can hardly blame Leslie Grantham for tuning into his webcam when the alternative was having to sit through another scene involving the Ferreiras.’

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