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Getting Shirty

by | 13th, May 2004

‘IS Posh trying to speak to us? Is something more amiss in the Beckham household than we thought, something so bad that Posh is unable to put it into words, let alone sing it?

Your next girlfriend

The post-Loos grin has vanished, no snowballs have been chucked and no camera has caught Posh riding piggyback on her husband with whom she is so very much in love.

All we have are T-shirts. After yesterday’s “Mrs Beckham” effort, Posh’s T-shirt du jour, shown in today’s Sun, is a light blue number with a faded picture of Mickey Mouse on the front.

This is desperately interesting, but what does it mean?

While the code breakers at Bletchley Park get on with finding out what Posh is trying to tell us, the woman should wait for the findings in a café.

And by café we don’t mean a coffee house, where Posh can have lo-fat, skinny, de-caf water, but a greasy spoon, where she will eat heartily and put on the weight she needs to keep her man.

And this is important, because the Mail has seen a survey that shows how men are more likely to stray if their wives and partners are skinny.

The paper uses the by now familiar shot of Posh in Mickey Mouse mode to illustrate the news that seven out of ten faithful men who responded said they preferred their women a size 16 or over.

In all, 64% of men with a girlfriend under a size 12 confessed to cheating, while only 20% of men with bigger lovers did the same.

The Mail’s conclusion is that men who chase skinny women could be more interested in looks alone and so are always on the prowl for a more attractive conquest.

The other reason might be that big women pack a meaner punch than the walking pencils that the Express uses to illustrate the same point.

Calista Flockhart, Liz Hurley, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and La Posh are all examples of thin women who have failed to keep the fire of love burning, however hard their bones rub together in bed.

Not that all this really helps Posh, who, the Mail says, has been unable to eat because of the stress of being cheated on by her man. So she seems to be losing weight.

Which, to her mind, might just be the most positive thing to have come out of the entire experience…’

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